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Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) Marine Mammal Observer Mitigation Training

Instant Access eLearning Course – Cost £150

Trainer: Alison Gill BSc, MSc

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 eLearning Course – £150

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Course Details

This Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) registered course is required for you to work as a Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) in UK Continental Shelf waters during offshore projects such as seismic surveys, pile-driving and projects involving the use of explosives.


Simply log in, read, learn and complete course assessments at your own pace. Simple design, easy to navigate pages (see example pages below). Assessments can be retaken if you don’t achieve the pass mark first time. Just restudy the course content. You set the pace of your learning.

The course programming is designed to work best on laptop and desktop computers. While you can view this course on mobile phones and tablets we cannot guarantee that the formatting will work on these devices. Software updates due later this year will ensure a mobile friendly platform.
This course has been created in response to the COVID 19 crisis. It is approved by the JNCC and the certificate that will be issued on completion has the same validity as those received after the classroom taught courses.

Please note the JNCC do not require these JNCC MMO mitigation training courses to have practical elements. Intelligent Ocean caters for persons who already have practical experience or encourages those who have yet to gain this experience to seek suitable fieldwork or specialist identification courses to achieve this. This online course has sections with advice how to gain more experience.

You will have 12 months access to your course with the option to renew after this for a small fee if you wish to keep this as a useful resource for future work. We will be updating course content when amendments to regulations or data forms are made and will also add new relevant information. This is not just a course but a tool for your continuing professional development.

The course contents are as follows:
  • Introduction to the biology and sensory world of marine mammals.
  • Potential impacts of man-made noise on marine mammals.
  • Discussion on the basis for current legislation in place for the UK to protect marine mammals during industry operations and the organisations involved.
  • Industry operations that have the potential to cause injury or disturbance, outlining the operational procedures of each one.
  • An in-depth explanation of the mitigation measures proposed for each project.
  • MMO mitigation data forms and report compilation.
  • Marine mammal identification – how to visually spot and identify animals in the field.
  • Marine mammal survey techniques and range estimation.
  • Introduction to passive acoustic monitoring.
  • Life onboard vessels or platforms as an MMO – expected conduct of working with industry personnel.
  • Employment opportunities for MMOs. Expected qualifications and experience.
  • Interactive course assessments with a pass mark of at least 85% required.


Example pages from the eLearning course

* Please note that persons likely to win contracts working as MMOs are those which have additional biological or environmental qualifications and/or have experience of working at sea. To work as an MMO in some areas of the UK where marine mammals are more abundant you will be required to have experience of working with marine mammals whether this is formally as a researcher, previous employment or through voluntary work.
We would expect that persons wishing to work as MMOs to already have this experience or will endeavour to do so after this course. Alternatively you may be personnel from the offshore industry sector who may like to complete an eLearning course in order to gain more knowledge of marine mammal observation during offshore operations.

Important – Please read Terms and Conditions before booking

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Intelligent Ocean's Marine Mammal Observer Training Courses are approved by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement  (BSEE)